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The Scoop on Cannaboids

People who suffer from migraines, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome may have a  cannaboid deficiency according to a study from the US National Library of Medicine.    Cannabinoids have demonstrated dopamine-blocking and anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce symptoms of the above conditions.  From birth, humans have 2 cannabinoid receptors in their brain and body.  CDB1 influences emotion, mood, pain and movement.  CBD2 affects inflammation and the immune system.  CBD Oil enhances these receptors, supporting the healing state of the body. 

So the question is:  How much CBD Oil Should you take?  The dosage is          dependent on your condition.  What are you using it for? We are all different , so        Cannabis therapeutics is very personal. (COR) recommends starting at 25mg taken twice a day, wait 4 days, if no result, increase dosage a drop at a time.  Like many natural products “less is more”. 

Spring Lake Park Chiropractic carries a stock of Hemplucid Full Spectrum CBD Oil, 1500 mg (30 day supply for $145). Stop by the front desk for more information.