Our Technique

Many people consider Chiropractors to be "back doctors" or "bone doctors", however that is only partially true. Yes, we do work with the back or spine, but only as an avenue of approach to get to the nerve system. The fact is Doctors of Chiropractic are really doctors of the nerve system. Let us explain. . .

The nerve system is the most important system in our body. It is a remarkable link, responsible for communication between your mind and body.

Every cell, organ and system of the body is controlled and regulated by the nervous system. A close relationship exists between the nervous system and the spine. The nervous system can be negatively affected if proper spinal alignment is altered even slightly between one spinal bone (or vertebra) and another. These misalignments are called subluxations.

There are many factors that can cause subluxations. Traumas from an accident, improper lifting techniques, and falls or strains are common causes. Sustained postures, repeated motions and emotional stress, can also gradually wear down parts of the spine and lead to subluxations. The result of these misalignments in the spinal bones is a nervous system that is not able to work at its optimum level.